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Custody Solutions

Benaiah Custody Solutions was created to professionally and securely administer the custody of digital assets for corporations, foundations, limited liability companies, family offices, and trust companies. Benaiah’s team provides first-in-class solutions delivering the security, operations, access, regulatory oversight, and asset management our clients expect. Our team will assist in designing the custody solution that best meets the client’s portfolio of assets and management expectations.

Why Benaiah Custody Solutions?

Qualified Custodian

Benaiah works with the most respected Qualified Custodians (QC) in the United States. These custodians have advanced security procedures and infrastructure in place to protect client assets and are regulated by the Security Exchange Commission and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The Benaiah team will highlight the features of each QC helping our clients understand the advanced security procedures and regulatory oversight that is in place to protect their assets.


  • Secure custody

  • Remote bankruptcy protection

  • Unambiguous compliance

  • Accounting of assets

  • Separate safekeeping of assets

  • Insurance coverage   


  • Dual-control requirements

  • Segregated accounts

  • Proof of exclusive controls

  • Proof of existence

  • Guided by regulation and compliance

  • Hardware security

  • Blockchain monitoring 

Qualified Custodian
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