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Our Story

Benaiah Co. was born out of our Founder, Ben Wiener’s entrepreneurial spirit, passion for people, and ability to solve complex problems. In 2018, Benaiah Co. was started with the intention of driving profitability through technological efficiencies and improving the insurance carrier/agency relationship. The Benaiah team worked diligently to establish Benaiah Holdings (parent company), Benaiah Management Company (insurance), and Elah (technology). Benaiah began to lay the groundwork needed to launch an insurance carrier in the Midwest by the end of 2020. 


In early 2020 as the insurance carrier was taking shape, the Covid Pandemic hit. As many start-ups experienced during this time-period, communications and progress within the state systems came to a halt. The leadership of Benaiah Co. felt the financial pressure and obligation to the company’s shareholders as they saw the barriers Covid was presenting to the progress of the insurance carrier. The decision to pivot was a challenging and strategic move during this unpredictable time. The Benaiah team felt strongly that the redirection to the wealth management industry would not only allow the company to survive, but position Benaiah for future financial success.

By the fall of 2020, Benaiah leadership recognized the opportunities in the digital asset markets and emerging blockchain technologies. Several key partnerships were developed in the wealth management sector, and the need for a diversified investment solution in the market was identified. By early 2021, Benaiah Capital was born, and by mid-year, the company launched two hedge funds. Benaiah Capital staff spent the second half of 2021 focused on raising capital for the two funds and building strategic relationships in South Dakota and the upper Midwest. The team committed to educating their clients as they navigated the digital asset markets and investment opportunities. Benaiah quickly identified the economic impact digital assets, blockchain technology, and the advances that Web3 could have in South Dakota with the State’s progressive banking, trust, and tax laws.

This led to the Benaiah leadership team becoming Founding Members of the South Dakota Blockchain Institute (SDBI) in early 2022. The SDBI is focused on preparing South Dakota to embrace the economic development opportunities digital assets and blockchain technology will bring the State. The membership has allowed Benaiah to be an advocate for industry regulation and legislation in South Dakota and at the national level. It has also contributed to the team developing strong relationships within the legal, banking, and trust industries across the State.

In summary, Benaiah’s existence has been guided by our values, showing perseverance in the wake of a pandemic and at every challenging encounter. The Benaiah team has provided stewardship and executed one of the greatest leadership skills, the ability to listen. Through these characteristics, we continue to develop the trust and respect of our colleagues and clients. Our focus has been to educate, help problem solve, and ultimately serve. The Benaiah team takes great pride in serving our stakeholders, protecting their families, and providing first-in-class wealth management solutions.​

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