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Wealth Management

Qualified Custodian Investment Resources

Each of our Qualified Custodial partners provide investment tools to access and utilize within their secure ecosystem.  The client's assets and desired level of investment activity helps Benaiah in determining the most appropriate mix of custodial solutions. 

Hedge Funds

Benaiah Digital has a blend of investment strategies within the cryptocurrency market that are managed daily and adjust with the everchanging market trends. The goal of this fund is to provide investors diversified exposure to the blockchain sector, technology, and a number of investment strategies that seek to generate risk-adjusted returns above the traditional benchmarks. Click to learn more about this fund. 


Benaiah Digital Fixed Income provides investors a more conservative investment approach capitalizing on the growth and opportunities in the emerging digital asset market. The fund is designed to benefit from a blend of collateralized lending and hedged staking. Fixed Income is focused on principal protection and is for individuals and institutions that require access, stability, and security. Click to learn more about this fund.

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